Congratulations ODC Competition Team

Our Elite Team had a great start to the competition season at VIP Dance in Pensacola this past weekend. These dancers are such a joy to work with.  We are so proud of all of the dancers for their dedication to this team. Our dance family is truly one of a kind.DPP_0295

Award Results:

Idol Soloist: Emma Grace for ” I don’t want to love somebody else”

Contemporary Award: Laura for “Warrior”

Hip Hop Award: Drake for “Transform Ya”

Lyrical Award: Emma & Drake for “All I Want”

Lyrical Award: Lydia for ” Note to God”

Entertainment Award: Laura & Mary Beth for “Dumb ways to Die”

Costume Award: “Carnival”

Judges Choice Award: Carlysle and Emma Grace for “There You’ll Be”

Top 10 Hollywood Overall High Scores:

Mini Solos: 2nd overall  Lydia

Junior Solos: 7th overall Carlysle

Teen Solos: 9th overall Laura

Senior Solos: 4th Emma, 9th Sydney and 10th Madison

Teen Duo/Trio: 3rd: Emma & Carlysle, 6th: Laura & Mary Beth, 7th: Carlysle, Morgan & Laura, 8th: Faith, Morgan & Maeghan, 9th: Laura & Maeghan, 10th: Faith & Gabrielle

Teen Small Groups: 8th ‘Listen’ & 9th ‘She’s in love’

Senior Duo/Trio: 4th Emma & Drake, 5th Sydney & Emma & 7th Sydney & Madison

Senior Small Groups: 2nd ‘I See Fire’

Hollywood Solo Awards

Platinum: Lydia, Laura, Faith,  Carlysle, Emma & Sydney

High Gold: Carmen, Sarah, Maeghan, Morgan, Gabrielle, Mary Beth, Drake & Maddie

Hollywood Group Awards

Platinum: “Listen” & “She’s in Love”

High Gold: “Carnival”, “Living the Dream”, ” 7 Nation Army”, “Toxic” & “I See Fire”

Hollywood Duo/Trios:

Platinum: “There You’ll Be”, “Dumb Ways to Die”, “All I Want”&  “Keep Holding On”

High Gold: “This is me”, “Bom Bom Bom”, “Open Your Eyes”, “Expensive”, “Where is the Love”, “Earth Song”, “Work Song”, “Crazy”,