Tuition & Registration

A $35 annual registration fee per student and 1st month’s tuition must be received in order to reserve a student’s place in class. When you register, you are considered to be enrolled for the full term,  August – May. We do not send out monthly statements for tuition only for past due accounts. There is a $20.00 late fee for tuition not paid by the 5th of the month. Students will be asked to sit out of class if tuition is not received more that 30 days past due, unless prior arrangements have been made with management.


Hours taken per week

½ – 1 HR $60.00 4 $124.00
1.25 $65.00 4.25 $130.00
1.5 $70.00 4.5 $135.00
1.75 $75.00 4.75 $141.00
2 $80.00 5 $146.00
2.25 $86.00 5.25 $152.00
2.5 $91.00 5.5 $157.00
2.75 $97.00 5.75 $163.00
3 $102.00 6 $168.00
3.25 $108.00 6.25 $174.00
3.5 $113.00 6.5 $179.00
3.75 $119.00 6.75 $185.00

Recital Expenses

All students will participate in our annual recital held at the Dothan Opera House the first weekend in June. Baby Ballet and Pre-K Classes will have 1 costume for recital. Combo Classes that are and hour and a half combo classes will have 2 costumes for recital. Level 1 will have 2 costumes for recital. All other level classes will have a costume for each class: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop.

Costumes are $80.00 each and payable in 4 monthly installments due September, October, November and December.

Recital Fee of $75.00 is due OCTOBER 15TH. 

Class pictures will be in the recital program at no charge.

ALL Dancers must attend Picture week.

Extra recital expenses include: program ads that feature individual students pictures, t-shirts and videos.

NEW IN 2020: We require you have a credit card on file and your account will be charged for tuition and other fees if not paid by the due date.

Other Fees

A $38.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks and you will then be asked to pay with a debit card or cash only.