ODC Company

Our award-winning competitive company attends 4 competitions per season. Commitment is a full year beginning July and ending July the following year once the team is announced. Summer classes or camps are required to be considered for the team. Full-time class attendance is required. The first step to becoming a successful dancer and team member is making a solid commitment to your classes, rehearsals and performances. Oz Dance Center develops strong technique, which is vital at a competitive level.

Auditions for the Company will be held in April 28th 2019 at Oz Dance Center Audition fee of $25.00 due at registration. Company Auditions are at 1:00pm Performance Team at 3:00pm

Students who are wish to participate in competitions throughout the year must be enrolled in a Level Class (1, 2, 3 or 4) and take ALL classes. As a student on the competition team you and your parent or guardian will be required to sign a company contract and adhere to those and all of the studio policy rules.  By participating in competitions, you are required to also make competition entry fees, convention fees and competition costume payments on time. Fund-raising ideas are encouraged and welcomed. All money raised will be distributed to participating students to help with competition expenses.

 Company Contract

Members of our company are required to sign a contract that is binding and enforced. If you can not commit to all of the conditions of the contract, we understand and will be happy to have you in regular dance classes.

If you are interested in joining our company, email us for a copy of the Company Contract.

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